6 Tips for Staging Your Bastrop Outdoor Living Space

Posted by Janis Penick on Monday, August 12th, 2019 at 6:42am.

By Roselyn Jenkins

Outdoor Living Space

When it’s time to sell your home, you do everything to make it look good. Staging is a great way to do that. But don’t just focus on the inside. Today’s buyers realize the health benefits of being outdoors, so they’re looking for an outdoor space they can enjoy. Here are six ways to stage your outdoor living space, Texas-style!

1. Declutter and Clean

Want youroutdoor living space to shine? Less is more. Pick everything up! Store toys and pet accessories out of sight. Sprinklers, cutting tools, and other lawn equipment goes in the shed or garage. Leave the outdoor furniture, but pare it down. Too large or too much furniture makes the space look smaller. Consider an outdoor rug under the table and chairs (but nowhere else as it makes the deck or patio look too busy). Neat, tidy, and simple is the best staging look.

Consider renting a power-washer from the home improvement store and pressure-wash the deck, patio, and walkways. Clean the fence and patio furniture while you're at it.

2. Create Distinct Spaces

Outdoor Living Space

Just as the inside of your home has distinct spaces, so should your outdoor living space. Consider an eating area, a sitting area, and an open space. Your eating area needs a table and chairs or an island with stools. Many outdoor living spaces also have kitchens, but a grill works fine. Make sure you clean and shine it.  Then, add some comfy chairs around a focal point, like a fire pit. If you’d rather not have a pit, arrange the chairs in a circle, inviting conversation. Finally, leave some open space on your deck, patio, or yard. Kids can play there while parents are socializing. It also makes the entire area look larger.

3. Create Shade

One thing we need a lot of during our blazing Texas summers is shade. If your backyard lacks trees, create shade yourself. Buy a patio table that holds an oversized umbrella and add umbrellas in other areas. Consider putting up a pergola. Install a fabric canopy or awning. Buyers will see the space as more relaxing if they can get out of the sun.

4. Show Off

Bring the good times to your backyard for buyers who are looking for fun. You don’t want to add clutter, but a few things will catch a visitor’s eye. A hammock in the shade is appealing for a Texas spring or fall afternoon. Cornhole is a Texas favorite or set up a game of horseshoes or a croquet course. The idea is to show buyers the possibilities for the backyard, not overwhelm them with games.

5. Add Color With Potted Plants

Outdoor Living Space

Don’t forget the yard and greenery when staging your outdoor living space. Adding pots filled with colorful blooms is easy and inexpensive. Look for plants native to Central Texas, to complement the beauty of your yard. Texas sage and Texas wisteria are just two of several native blooms that will thrive in our climate. And while you’re working outside, pull weeds that sprouted in the yard or near the walkways and apply weed and feed to take care of weeds in the lawn.

6. Blend In

We’ve all seen the joy on a buyer’s face on real estate TV shows when a home has an indoor/outdoor living space. If your home’s great room opens to the patio or deck with floor-to-ceiling accordion or sliding glass doors, blend the decor of the two spaces. Keep the design and color combinations similar, so it extends the area to one big living space. Open any blinds or curtains that may divide the space. If the weather is nice, open the doors. The openness makes the outdoors that much more inviting.

Roselyn Jenkins is a real estate agent who spends much of her time fixing up and flipping old houses. Her specialty is creating eye-catching landscapes.

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