Five Reasons Not to Buy in a Subdivision

Posted by Janis Penick on Monday, November 18th, 2019 at 1:54pm.

SubdivisionIf you are looking for a new home, you will find many different homes to pick from when it comes time to find the perfect home. Depending on your price range and the size of the home you are looking for, you may be inundated with homes in subdivisions. These homes and subdivisions can be really appealing especially if they offer neighborhood amenities, newer homes with low maintenance and a desirable location. Make sure you think about your long term housing dreams and what is most important to you in a home before you make a permanent commitment. If you are looking for more freedom to live by your own rules, a subdivision may not be the best fit for you.

Before you buy a home in a subdivision, here are five reasons to think again.

1. If you want more land than most subdivision lots offer, don’t buy a house in one. Most subdivision lots are small and only provide enough land for the house with a small back yard and an even smaller front yard. If you want more land so you can enjoy it, you will want to live where that is a possibility.

2. Do you have a boat or RV that you want to park on your property? In most subdivisions, this is not allowed. If you like to have your “toys” nearby so you can work on them, clean them and pack for your next adventure, you need to be outside of a subdivision. While some subdivisions may allow you to park things in your driveway, most of them will not and then you have to pay for storage elsewhere and go back and forth when you want to do something.

3. When you want to make changes to your home, do you want to ask permission before you do it? From painting the exterior to cutting down a tree or removing a bush or adding a deck, most subdivisions have an Architectural Review Committee that will have to approve your changes. While this may be more of a formality most of the time unless you are making an unusual request, it can take some time to get the approval you need so you can get started on your next project.

4. Do you drive a vehicle with a commercial logo on it? Many subdivisions prohibit you parking that vehicle in your driveway unless it is in your closed garage? How hard would it be to drive a vehicle that you can’t park at your own home? That would be a major inconvenience. This doesn’t just apply to major commercial companies. If you work from your home selling Pampered Chef or Thirty-One, don’t add those decals to your car either.

5. Do you want animals beyond the basic? Dogs, cats and small indoor animals are not a problem in most subdivisions but if you are wanting horses, chickens, goats or another kind of animal, it is very likely that want be allowed. Even if it was allowed, where would you put the animals if you live on a small lot?

This is not to criticize subdivisions because many people live in them happily and there are just as many advantages to living in a subdivision as disadvantages but make sure you take the time to compare where you want to live with your lifestyle so that you aren’t surprised by any limitations your property has.

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