Furnish Your New Home on a Budget

Posted by Janis Penick on Monday, February 25th, 2019 at 12:50pm.

Furnish your new homeNow that you have closed on your new home, you probably can’t wait to furnish each room and get everything just the way you want it. It is really exciting to move into a new home and you may have been planning your home for months or years and have numerous Pinterest boards devoted to furnishing it. If you have been living somewhere much smaller, you may need to purchase a good bit of furniture for your new home. It can be a lot to think about all at once, which may lead you to make rash decisions and purchase items that you don’t love while racking up a lot of debt that will overwhelm your household budget.

Here are a few tips for furnishing your home while staying within a budget.

Take Your Time

Martha Stewart will not show up at your house next week for a surprise inspection so there is no need to rush. If you want to love your home, it will take time to get it right. Spend a little time in your home to decide what you need before you purchase items that may not work. Don’t buy something just so you can check it off your list. Wait until you find the perfect piece that will help make your house a home.

Set a Budget

Don’t go into debt or max out your credit cards trying to furnish your new home. Sit down and review your expenses with your new mortgage and decide how much money you can set aside for furnishings each month then stick with that. Many furniture stores lure you in with interest free purchases when you open a new credit account. If you are disciplined enough to make that payment and stick with it, it can be a way to furnish your home without having to have the cash for everything at once but when you need so much, even just the payments could be more than you can handle right away so make sure it fits in your budget (with extra room for emergencies) before you sign that application. Don’t be tempted to open multiple accounts that can quickly add up to more than you can manage.

Consider Purchasing Gently Used Items

If you are trying to furnish an entire house at one time, you may need a lot. Even if you are very thrifty, it still might take years and years to afford everything that you need. Consider purchasing some items used and you will save a lot of money. Some items you will want to be new no matter what like mattresses and upholstered furniture (unless you can buy it from a friend) but many items can be found almost new if you know where to shop. A dresser, kitchen table or coffee table may look great or just need to be refinished or painted to look like new. This could easily save you 50-70% over buying something new. Furnish a few rooms like this and then replace items down the road as they wear out or you have additional money to do so. Ask friends and family if they have anything they don’t want any more too. When people get new furniture, the often donate the old furniture so they may be just as happy to give it to you as an organization.

Concentrate on High Traffic Areas First

What rooms in your house get the most use? Start by shopping for those rooms. Skip the dining room you use twice a year and the guest room and go for the living room and bedrooms. Prioritize according to the needs of your household and don’t try to do it all at once.

Decorating your new home is supposed to be fun so don’t get stressed out trying to do it all at one time. Your house is yours for as long as you want it to be so take the time to furnish it gradually and you will fall more in love with your new home with every piece of art you hang, chair you buy and room you complete.

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