Lawncare in Hot Weather

Posted by Janis Penick on Monday, August 21st, 2017 at 9:27am.

lawnmowerWith the heat of the summer bearing down on us daily, your yard may start to look dried out from the high temperatures. Some simple changes to your lawn mowing practices may provide some relief to your lawn and help it look its best.

One important thing to remember is not to trim your grass too short when you are cutting it. You may be trying to decrease the frequency you have to cut the grass but this practice can cause added stress to your grass and increase the likelihood that some grass might not survive. It is also advised that you not cut more than one-third of the height of your grass at any one time. This will help your grass stay cooler. Keeping your grass at optimal height will help it tolerate the heat better so if you have been cutting as low as your mower will allow, it might be time raise the blade.

The other major area for you to look into is the amount of water your lawn is getting. When it is really hot, you may be tempted to overwater your lawn to compensate for the heat. This is not the best approach to keeping your lawn healthy. Your lawn only needs around one inch of water a week to look its best even in the warmest months. Be sure to factor the rain received into the amount of water your yard gets. Overwatering can increase potential for lawn diseases that thrive in wet soil. It is also better for your lawn to get deep but less frequent watering than to water it every day.

Keep the blades of your lawn mower sharp with annual maintenance to help your lawn look better. Grass cut with a sharp blade heals quickly and doesn’t tend to turn brown around the edge as much as grass cut with a dull blade.

Another thing to consider is whether you bag your grass clippings or not. Many people don’t like the look of the clippings in their yard but as the clippings decompose they act as fertilizer for your grass.

Summer is not the time to perform annual maintenance such as aeration, thatching and fertilizing. Save these activities for cooler weather. Because the heat already provides significant stress to your grass, doing anything extra may be too much for your lawn.

Remember, lawn beautification is a year-round activity. Treating your lawn both pre and post cutting season will help your grass be healthier and better able to withstand the hottest and driest summer days when they arrive.

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