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Posted by Janis Penick on Monday, March 23rd, 2020 at 12:39pm.

Deck SafetyWith Spring on the horizon, your thoughts may be turning to barbecues with friends and family in the back yard on sunny afternoons and cool nights. There is nothing better than an afternoon of fun as the days turn longer. With more time at home than normal this year, this is the perfect time to inspect your deck and handle any necessary maintenance before you are ready to use it for the season.

Start by visually inspecting your deck. It should be secure, properly attached and level. Inspect all boards and nails. It is extremely common for nails to pop loose over time causing boards to pop up and create an uneven surface to walk on. This is a very common way for accidents to occur as the uneven parts of the deck can cause people to trip and fall. Make sure all boards are properly secured and not moving. If you see swaying in your deck no matter how minimal, call a professional to do a thorough deck inspection. Don’t forget to check the steps too.

Another common occurrence with decks is for the surface to become slick with algae buildup. If your property is surrounded by trees and gets a lot of shade that allows water to stand on your deck sometimes, this is more common. Leaves that are left on your deck for an extended period of time can also allow algae to build up on your deck creating a slick and dangerous surface while also causing the wood to breakdown over time. Take an afternoon and clean your deck to prepare it for the season.

This is also a great time to treat your wooden deck to help extend the life of it. Sealing your deck will help protect the wood from outdoor elements and allow the wood to last longer. Depending on the kind of seal you use and the kind of weather your deck is exposed to, your deck should be sealed every 1-3 years.

A safe, well-maintained deck can add a lot of value to your home both in the price of your home and the enjoyment it provides but only if your deck is safe and well cared for. If you ever have a concern about the safety of your deck, call a professional immediately. Do you need the recommendation of a expert to help you care for your deck or another part of your home? We are always available to make professional recommendations anytime you need one.

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